Background Screening Services

Help make informed decisions with Providence Screening's comprehensive list of screening services. Select a screening package or create your own. We'll help you create a package that's best suited for your business needs.

Volume Discounts

If you are ordering more than 50 orders a year, contact us to arrange volume pricing.  

Pre-Set Packages for less than 50 Checks per Year


Ideal for low risk positions
$24.95/ each
Social Security Number Trace
Nationwide Criminal Databases Search**
County Criminal Search (up to 1)*
1 - AKA (also known as)


Comprehensive for more positions
$39.95/ each
Bronze Package +
7 - Year County Criminal Search (up to 3)*
Terrorist Watch List
Sex Offender Registry Search


High quality for safe workplaces
$59.95/ each
Silver Package +
7 - Year County Criminal Search (up to 5)*
1 - Education Verification*
1 - Employment Verification*

*Additional third-party fees may apply for this search.  **Database coverage varies by state.

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Criminal Records Search

Determines felony and/or misdemeanor records. A vital report for anyone hiring people who will work with money, company records, drugs, valuable inventory or come in contact with the public. Essential to avoid legal liability from negligent hiring. Providence Screening provides access to the largest criminal research sources in the country, as well as international database searches.

Federal Criminal Search

Records reveal criminal cases brought by the US Government against defendants for violations of federal crimes. Examples of federal crimes include bank robbery, counterfeiting, and kidnapping, as well as, offenses that occur on federal property.

Social Security Number

Search can find the current and previous addresses of any person on file, identified by his/her social security number. Includes telephone number, aliases, age, employment and salary information, if available.

Education Confirmation

Confirms that the subject actually attended the college, the number of years and the precise degree received, if any.

Reference Check

Checks professional or personal references 

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

From Department of Motor Vehicles. An excellent tool to help determine if the applicant is a “responsible person,” and how outside behavior might impact their attendance and their health care claims. A necessity for those who drive company vehicles or those who drive their own vehicles on company business. Providence Screening provides the ability to run full MVRs for all 50 states as well as ongoing monitoring for your clients

Prior Employment Verification

Confirms employment, dates, positions, job performance, and rehire status.